Your Way to Innocence

Your Way to Innocence

‘Your Way to Innocence’ (Heretic’s Guides, Vol. 3, 2019), by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘Your Way to Innocence’ (Heretic’s Guides, Vol. 3, 2019) is a guide for developing an innocent and carefree attitude in everyday life. In simple terms it could be said that innocence results from awakening our inner child and using the energy of the inner child as a trigger for self-transformation.

This systematic guide to the how-to for creating innocence is not teaching anything, but in the contrary suggests unlearning much of learned knowledge, and dissolving conditioned habits and behavior patterns that have to be cleared before true innocence can unfold. The author contends that the meaning of innocence is misconstrued and misunderstood in our culture, especially when it’s applied to children, hence the need to develop truthful language for making the necessary divide between sentimentality and authenticity.

There is no need to be innocent, it’s a choice but once people see the power of innocence, they may want to give it a try! Innocence is also a safety device, for nothing bad will ever happen to the truly innocent—which means etymologically, ‘non-harming,’ person. Innocence is the true power, it makes for excellent relationships with all beings, it makes for a modest, humble attitude, and is a base condition for a long life, and good health till old age.

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