Your Way to Excellence

Your Way to Excellence

‘Your Way to Excellence’ (Heretic’s Guides, Vol. 2, 2019), by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘Your Way to Excellence’ (Heretic’s Guides, Vol. 2, 2019) is a guide to reaching excellence in all areas of your life. The author’s approach to excellence is holistic in the sense that he considers excellence not as a skill, but as an attitude that is an organic mix of various ingredients, among them, autonomy and self-reliance, originality, creativity, self-awareness, and an acute sense for one’s difference.

The author describes the human being as a functional and organic organism that is primarily self-organizing and self-regulating. This approach to personality development, which is corroborated by systems research, leads to organic and smooth solutions for personal change and evolution that this guide proposes to you.

The author contends that true selfhelp must encourage the reader to be critical in the first place, and develop their self-thinking abilities, which is one quality of several when designing a first-hand life and becoming truly responsible for reaching excellence. To be critical means to question tradition and authority, in the first place; it means to look for realizing our personal style and cognitive preferences.

The value of this guide also consists in the fact that the author’s own life path is an accidented one in the sense that he was misled early in life, driven into the wrong career (law), which meant in practice more than two decades of a life wasted with being around the wrong people, studying the wrong majors, suffering endless frustrations, and focusing on qualities and goals that were not his own because they were not in alignment with his soul values and karmic challenges.

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