The Vibrant Nature of Life

The Vibrant Nature of Life: A Science-Based Pathway for a Better, Richer, and More Abundant Life, by Peter Fritz Walter


‘The Vibrant Nature of Life: A Science-Based Pathway for a Better, Richer, and More Abundant Life,’ 2nd Edition, 2017, is the final conclusion of more than twenty years of research on the vibrational nature of life and our universe. 

Instead of presenting a dry scientific treatise, the author organizes the material as a selfhelp guide for a richer, and healthier life. It consists of six main parts: ‘The Vibrant Nature of Consciousness,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of the Cosmos,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of Pleasure, Emotions, and Sexuality,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of Life Cycles,’  ‘The Vibrant Nature of Health’ and ‘The Vibrant Nature of the Human Psyche.’

The book shows that while still at the time of Newton and Descartes, science was myopic toward wholeness and hostile to nature, the author advocates new science as a holistic understanding of the field nature of life, and a systemic view of living systems that is coherent and sustainable. It is here, at this intersection between science and a lifestyle that fosters vibrancy that the author situates the present book. It is neither a simple review of almost one hundred books nor is it a selfhelp guide without scientific backup. The intention of the author was to bring science and selfhelp together in a unique plot that makes science fruitful as a direct guidance for a richer, healthier and fuller life, and a point of departure for self-discovery.

The result is a true life guide that gives scientifically proven answers to all our fundamental questions, from birth to death, over sexuality, the handling of emotions, coping with violence, and other conditions for truly intelligent and abundant living.

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