The Star Script

The Star Script: How Astrology Helps Finding Out Who You Are (Scholarly Articles, Vol. 8), by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘The Star Script: How Astrology Helps Finding Out Who You Are (Scholarly Articles, Vol. 8)’ is an extensive personal guide manual helping the reader to build self-knowledge through a special kind of astrology that is non-predictive and karmic, and that the author calls ‘potential astrology.’

The popular image of astrology distilled original precious perennial science into a shallow pastime hobby for esoteric-minded freaks, rose buddies and purple-spirited scam artists of all kinds. As with all things true, modern society was once again able to majestically pervert, debase and tear into the gutter of the mass mind what was once a jewel for the select few of the leading elite.

Predictive astrology is the one that makes predictions for people’s future, for what is going to happen. And as a matter of general stupidity, this is the kind of astrology most people take for the only one that merits the name astrology. And here they are mistaken, if not misled. This is not the astrology that has the highest merit and that serves true spiritual guidance.

What this article is about is not predictive astrology, but the old art of potential astrology as it was part of perennial science and philosophy in all ancient wisdom traditions.

Astrology provides knowledge you are looking for, within a range of freedom you are looking for. It draws a diagram of our soul including our karma. It clearly indicates the traits of our unconscious and our conscious personalities, not only the one that we show like a mask to the outside world, which is our ‘persona’, but also the personalities that we bear inside of us and most of which are still virgin or in a state of potentiality.

The guide comes with an extensive Glossary and a Bibliography.

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