The Lunar Bull

The Lunar Bull: About the Spiritual Significance of Matriarchy, by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘The Lunar Bull: About the Spiritual Significance of Matriarchy’ (Scholarly Articles, Vol. 9) is a study that outlines the present debate about the dichotomy of matriarchy-patriarchy. 

On the level of the collective unconscious, the study demonstrates, the historical transition from matriarchy to patriarchy has not taken place. In the contrary, it appears that the intrinsic symbolism of the soul level, the content of the unconscious, the level of spiritual visions is one of the matriarchal gods and cosmic energy holders, such as the mythic or lunar bull, and the serpent.

This is not just a matter of mythology. The impact and vibration of our soul values permeates all living and is influencing our decisions and our policies more than any reductionist concepts, such as moralism, child protection or the present international pursuits to fight pedophilia that render us conscious of a growing narcissism that today affects not only individuals and political leaders, but whole nations.

What we can learn from studying mythology, as this study shows, is to find solutions that are viable and durable because they are integrated in the landscape of soul, and our collective unconscious, and not just green table solutions that may appeal to our rational mind.

The book comes with an extensive Glossary and a Bibliography.

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