The Energy Nature of Human Emotions and Sexual Attraction

‘The Energy Nature of Human Emotions and Sexual Attraction: A Systemic Analysis of Emotional Identity in the Process of the Human Sexual Response’—2017 Revised, Updated and Reformatted Edition—is a concise study on how human emotions impact upon sexual attraction, a subject never tackled by modern sexology nor by psychoanalysis.

The author advances a theory of emotional awareness building quite in opposition to current sexology in that he redefines the nature of human sexuality. Accordingly, he advances a complete roadmap for dealing constructively with sexual desire and for healing both nonsexual and sexual sadism.

Based upon Eastern and native wisdom and perennial science, the author develops a functional concept for what he calls ‘emosexual attraction,’ which explains human sexual attraction as a consequence of ‘emotional predilection,’ and not with the current psychological and sexological concept of ‘sexual drives.’

For elucidating his point systemically, the author forged a vocabulary specifically destined to bring coherence in a landscape of dozens of notions used, in various cultures, and by various scientists, for the human energy field.

This vocabulary, then, he called ‘Emonics,’ which stands for ‘Emotional Identity Code Science.’ Based upon this unifying terminology, he proceeded to elaborating an assessment and treatment approach to sexual attraction in general, and pedophilia, in particular.

As under the present paradigm, forensic psychiatry and law enforcement are based upon outdated premises and assumptions, and a mechanistic understanding of sexuality.

The author proposes an alternative and more functional approach, defining new holistic concepts such as pedoemotions or emosexuality that form part of his scientific discoveries.

In addition, he has redefined notions such as erotic intelligence, codependence or emotional abuse, arguing that the mechanistic concept of sexual drives is ultimately counterproductive to comprehending and integrating the human energy field, thereby missing the point to describe human sexuality in a functional and ethically sound manner.

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