Natural Order

Natural Order: Thesis, Antithesis and Synthesis in Human Evolution (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 6)—2019 Apple Books Edition—is a rather broad philosophical essay explaining on the basis of the author’s more than thirty years of research on human emotions and sexuality how, in accordance with the philosophical framework of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831), three distinct phases can be made out in human evolution that Hegel called thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.

The thesis was the ancient natural order as carried forward from matriarchal cultures from the Paleolithic up until early patriarchy, about 5000 years ago, when native cultures lived their lives in an integral and sane manner, peacefully and in alignment with nature’s wisdom. 

The antithesis, then, was basically the last five thousand years of patriarchy. The essay shows that phenomena like pathological codependence between parents and children, emotional abuse, repression and perversion, the disintegration of sexual paraphilias through moralism, together with the rise of rampant violence and sadism, mysticism and narcissism were the result of straying from nature’s wisdom in the hubristic attempt to better the ‘impossible’ human. 

More specifically, the book shows that we are right now living in the ending phase of antithesis, indicated by rising youth fascism and an outright denial of complexity at the highest level of our governments.

In the last and perhaps most important chapter, the author shows the baseline of the synthesis that he projects to come about during the Aquarius Age, with a reintegration of the wisdom of native peoples and the recognition of what he calls ‘The Twelve Branches of the Tree of Knowledge,’ true Religio, permissive education and integrative, sustainable and humane social policies that are based on a new intelligent understanding of the ‘possible’ human.

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