Codependence: Coping With Addiction, Sadism and Abuse (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 1, 2018), by Peter Fritz Walter.


Codependence: Coping with Addiction, Sadism and Abuse (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 1, 2018) is based on a white paper the author drafted for a drug rehabilitation center in the United States.

The study is basically divided in three parts, dealing with different manifestations of parent-child codependence and the resulting lacking autonomy and self-reliance of the later adolescent and young adult, who, as a result of his early entanglement with a parent gets into a negative growth spiral by a rather queer sexual development (sadism), and dependency patterns in all spheres of life.

Addiction, sadism and abuse are all power traps, and inhibit the young adult from developing his full soul power and charisma. They have all one etiology: the fact of a prolonged codependent relationship with one parent, while the other parents was either absent, irresponsible or unacceptable.

For reasons of the different psychosexual setup of the two sexes, the problem occurs more regularly with boys who are codependent with their mothers and who at the onset of adulthood or even during adolescence are suffering from more or less violent sexual urges, and substance abuse and dependency, as well as the scars of emotional abuse, often committed by mothers who ask their male offspring to cling to them as long as possible, and avoid getting into sexual relations with girls of their age, for dating, or more mature women for serious relations and marriage. It is then regularly the mother who is in the way for the boy to develop a life of his own while when that boy was an infant, the mother had all possible pretexts to not live the primary fusional relation with the newborn, thereby causing the psychic and emotional scars that later lead to the codependent relationship.

The essay is understood as a self-help guide for those who wish to get ready to face their dependency pattern as a preparation for qualified psychiatric and psychosocial assistance as a second step.

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