Charles Webster Leadbeater and the Inner Life

‘Charles Webster Leadbeater and the Inner Life’ (Great Minds Series, Vol. 9)—2019 Apple Books Edition—is a study about one of the greatest and most gifted clairvoyants the world has seen.

As Leadbeater’s gift of clairvoyance is the center point of this study, two book reviews have been added that are of equal importance, Shafica Karagulla’s study ‘The Chakras’ (1989) which was done in collaboration with Dora van Gelder, and Dora van Gelder’s own first person report, ‘The Real Life of Fairies’ (1999). Both books were published by the Theosophical Publishing House in Wheaton (Quest Books) which also published all of Leadbeater’s writings.

Clairvoyance is an extraordinary human gift, and according to the author of the present book, it should be recognized officially within modern science, for this would yield a wealth of information hitherto unknown to most of our scientists, while the lay public is perhaps more open to recognize such talents. In fact, polls in the United States have shown that 70% of the population believe in psychic powers, and only 30% are among the ’skeptics’ which is quite a revealing fact.

Leadbeater was not born with it, but, as the short biography reveals, learnt is through a very developed yogic master from India. This was different for Dora van Gelder who was a natural clairvoyant from childhood, who had an extraordinary speciality. The very reason why she published the book with Karagulla, an M.D., about the chakras, was that she had the unique ability to make a clairvoyant medical diagnosis, perhaps for the first time in modern history. While today such gifts are more widely known and accepted within our larger scientific paradigm, this was not the case yet at their lifetime.

The book comes with extensive book reviews and quotes, and comments, as well as illustrations.

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