Basics of Mythology

‘Basics of Mythology: The Main Archetypes (Scholarly Articles, Vol. 10),’ briefly explains the major archetypes or mythological figures in our cultural heritage. 

The process of individuation that is so often occulted in our modern consumer society then is the subject of analysis as the author found in twenty-seven years of research on sexual paraphilias, codependence and drug addiction that all these hangups have their reason in one or the other handicap during the process of individuation.

The article then features the basics of the following archetypal images: Adam & Eve, The Guru-Disciple Relation, Castor & Pollux, Daedalus, Europa, Demeter, Hades, King Agenor, King Minos, Pasiphaë, and Zeus.

The article is fully illustrated and comes with a glossary, a short literature index and an extended contextual bibliography.

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