Basics of Divination

2020 Kindle Edition

‘Basics of Divination: A Beginner’s Guide’ is an essay on the subject of forecasting the future by using one of these methods that are all of them part of perennial philosophy and have a history of several millennia each, except the Tarot which was created at the end of the Middle Ages: Astrology, the I Ching, the Tarot, and the Runes.

All of these divinatory methods are based on a simple projection of the consultant’s subconscious mind so that the device delivers information about the future once the content of the subconscious mind is made intelligible. This is facilitated either through archetypal symbols as in the case of Astrology, the Tarot and the Runes, or through binary code in the form of so-called ‘Hexagrams’ in the case of the I Ching.

The author warns about the dangers of suggestive consultancy, which is when the consultant is gullible enough to believe all and everything the fortune teller says, thereby running the risk that his subconscious mind accepts the reading as true, and when the reading is negative or even predicts malady or death, this can then turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thus why discrimination is needed when one consults one’s ‘destiny.’ 

The essay, which is illustrated, also reports the new trends in popular culture which are mainly focusing on the Tarot, and many new versions of it, that display a healthy amount of lively fantasy, and exploration in the world of archetypes, a trend that certainly has beneficial and cultural impact in our modern society that urgently needs to broaden the content of our imaginative mind for the unfolding of our soul.