Emotional Flow

Emotional Flow

Emotional Flow: A Holistic Approach to Healing Sadism (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 3, 2018) by Peter Fritz Walter.


Emotional Flow: A Holistic Approach to Healing Sadism (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 3, 2018) is both a science and a self-help essay that presents a non-moralistic, functional and bioenergetic regard on emotions, sexuality, sexual paraphilias and sexual crime that asserts the importance of the flowing, ethereal and self-regulatory nature of our emotions.

This regard, and the healing solutions the author is offering as a result, are the outcome of a long-term study of human emotions that started back in 1985 as a forensic analysis of sexual crime against children. It was later enriched and expanded through the larger context of his studies of alternative medicine, the I Ching, flow principles in nature, vibrational medicine, sound healing, and perennial science traditions from both the East and the West.

The essay is not only informatory for a large array of possible readers that includes forensic psychiatry, law enforcement officials, educators, nurses and law policy makers; it is also destined, as a self-help guide, to assist the individual reader in assessing their own emotional and sexual distortions, and profit from some of the techniques offered for healing them.

The main concern of the guide is to show new holistic ways of coping with sadism, and particularly sexual sadism, acted out either toward adults or toward children. The approach taken is non-judgmental and functional, not moralistic, and it emphasizes a bioenergetic point of departure.

The book informs about the true reasons for violent emotional and sexual afflictions and resulting misconduct, and offers viable alternatives to chaotic sexual behavior in the form of empathic advice, and suggestions for behavior adjustment, not through putting up self-punishment and guilt, but in the contrary through understanding the energy-nature and inherent intelligence in our emotions.

From a policy perspective, the way to go, as the book shows, is quite exactly the contrary of what is practiced now by our law makers and social policy makers; it’s the way toward solving the blockage by dissolving the energy obstruction that led to the blockage. This energy obstruction, as the book shows with many examples, is related to distortions of perception, and a lack of emotional awareness.

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