Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu, translated and interpolated by Peter Fritz Walter.


The Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu is one of the most translated books of world literature. It is here presented in a translation that deliberately avoids any philosophical commentary and renders the text in English in its most simple and straightforward composure.

Lao-tzu’s writing style shines by its utter simplicity, in its will to be ‘ordinary language’ and to say what he thinks in the most economical and straightforward manner. Therefore all what is purely ornamental in the diction of the book must be ruthlessly cut away so that as it were the skeleton of the thoughts shines through; while many other translations contain way too much obfuscating complexity in syntax and vocabulary.

Even if one follows the newer idea the Tao Te Ching was written by a group of Taoist sages, and not by Lao-tzu, it was not the way of the Taoists to render eloquent speeches and to write academic works. Contrary to hellenistic philosophy, Taoism was in no way dialectic-speculative in its overall expression. Also those ancient sages would have firmly refused to call the book ‘holy,’ although the spirit that shines through it is an elevated, noble and religious spirit.

Despite the probability that the book has been written by a number of authors, it is today considered as a homogenous philosophical treatise. For this view speaks the thematic consistency, which spans all domains of daily life, and which looks at all human expression with compassion and understanding.

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Dao De Ging

Dao De Ging von Laotse, in der Übersetzung von Peter Fritz Walter


Das Dao De Ging—auch Tao Te King oder Daodejing geschrieben—ist eines der meist-übersetzten Bücher der Weltliteratur. Es ist hier dargeboten in einer Fassung, die auf jeden philosophischen Kommentar bewusst verzichtet und den Text so einfach und prägnant wie möglich hält. 

Ob man nun mit neuerer philologischer Forschung annimmt, das Buch sei nicht nur von Laotse, sondern ist von einer Reihe von taoistischen Weisen verfasst worden, lag es nicht in der Natur der Taoisten, lange Rede zu machen. Eines ihrer bekannten Mottos war denn auch ‘Langer Rede, kurzer Sinn.’ Das habe ich hier berücksichtigt, und es wird auffallen, dass meine Übersetzung erheblich kürzer ist, als die der meisten deutschen Sinologen.

Im Gegensatz zur hellenischen Philosophie war Taoismus keinesfalls dialektisch-spekulativ. Auch würden die alten Weisen das Buch keineswegs als ‘heilig’ bezeichnet haben, obwohl der Geist, der aus ihm strahlt, durchaus ein natürlich erhabener, religiöser Geist ist.

Trotz der Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass das Buch verschiedene Autoren hat, ist es doch heute als ein einheitliches philosophischen Gedankengebäude angesehen. Dafür spricht neben dem Wortmaterial die durchgehaltene Thematik, welche alle Bereiche des täglichen Lebens umfasst, und dem nichts Menschliches fremd ist. Ganz besonderer Schwerpunkt wird gelegt auf Führung, Menschenführung und Staatsführung, also Management und Politik.

Die einzelnen Paragraphen erscheinen in diesem Kontext als Ausarbeitungen bestimmter Einzelthemen, doch wird schnell klar, dass es sich hier um Variationen eines einzigen Themas handelt. Das Wertsystem, das durchweg hier durchschimmert, ist erfrischend konträr zu dem der heute führenden grossen Nationen. Es ist ein Wertsystem, das das Weibliche ganz und gar umfasst und integriert, das die Natur respektiert, und das den Menschen so nimmt, wie er nun einmal ist. Es ist ein Wertsystem, das dem des Moralismus und der Heuchelei eine volle und deftige Absage erteilt.

Der Stil ist sehr geprägt von Gegensatzpaaren, und Widersprüche sind nicht wegdenkbar, denn manchmal erreicht die philosophische Konzentration des Textes seine Grenzen. 

Das haben frühere Interpretationen oft verschwiegen, für mich war es jedoch ein Punkt, der klar offen zu legen war. Philosophie und tägliches Leben können nicht voll und ganz vereinbart werden, denn wenn man das erstrebt, würde man dem subtilen Zweck des Dao entgegenwirken.

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Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Bull

Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Bull: Short Biography, Book Reviews, Quotes, and Comments (Great Minds Series, Vol. 7), by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘Joseph Campbell and the Lunar Bull’ (Great Minds Series, Vol. 7)—2019 Apple Books Edition—is a study on the great genius of one of the most influential mythology scholars of our times. The review shows that the historical transition from matriarchy to patriarchy seems to never haven taken place on the level of the unconscious. In the contrary, it appears that the intrinsic symbolism of the soul level, the content of the collective unconscious, the level of spiritual visions is one of the matriarchal goddesses and cosmic energy holders, such as the Mythic Bull or Lunar Bull, and the Serpent.

Joseph Campbell was not only one of the greatest scholars humanity has known but also a fighter for the true expression of individual soul values, autonomy, self-reliance and true democracy. He, as not many others, unveiled the hidden fascism in our Judeo-Christian root culture that traditionally murdered the out-group while preaching to love one’s neighbor, thereby representing one of the most hypocrite religious paradigms around the world.

Campbell’s mythology research is today backed up by the insights of Carl Jung and researchers on shamanism and entheogens such as Ralph Metzner or Jeremy Narby, as well as reports of personal experiences with matriarchal gods and goddesses manifesting through the intake of entheogens such as Ayahuasca. What we can learn from embracing mythology, as this monograph shows, is to find solutions that are viable and durable because they are integrated in the landscape of soul, and our collective unconscious, and not just green table solutions that may temporarily appeal to our rational mind.

The illustrated volume presents a short biography, reviews of all of Campbell’s acclaimed books, quotes, and comments, as well as a bonus essay by Peter Fritz Walter, entitled ‘The Lunar Bull’ which is puts a focus upon the spiritual significance of matriarchy.

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Françoise Dolto and Child Psychoanalysis

Françoise Dolto and Child Psychoanalysis: Short Biography, Book Reviews, Quotes, and Comments (Great Minds Series, Vol. 4), by Peter Fritz Walter.


‘Françoise Dolto and Child Psychoanalysis’ (Great Minds Series, Vol. 4) is one of the greatest psychoanalysts the world has known. The author interviewed Françoise Dolto in 1986, after having visited ‘La Maison Verte’ in Paris, a center Dr. Dolto had created for parents and children that mainly served to prepare children for greater lapses of time away from their parents and the early kindergarten experience. The interview took place in Dr. Dolto’s apartment at 260, rue Saint-Jacques, near the Panthéon, Paris. A long correspondence followed the meeting which was published, after Dr. Dolto’s death, with the author’s permission, by Gallimard Publishers, Paris, in 2005.

The author reviews five of Françoise Dolto’s books, ‘La Cause des Enfants (1985),’Psychanalyse et Pédiatrie (1971) and three volumes of Dolto’s professional seminar on child psychoanalysis, ‘Séminaire de Psychanalyse d’Enfants (1982, 1985, 1988).’ He tries to convey to the reader who is unfamiliar with psychoanalysis the basics for understanding the present book, and furthermore, stresses the uniqueness of Dr. Dolto’s approach to curing psychotic children—a feat that is unparalleled in human psychiatric history, for psychosis was always held as incurable.

The book retraces the fascinating way Françoise Dolto got to become an authority not only in psychiatry and psychoanalysis in France, and worldwide, but also a public figure of great renown in France—while she is as good as unknown in the English speaking world. The motivation of the author was namely to break through this wall of silence and elucidate this particular audience about the genius of one of the greatest psychiatrists of our time, and of all times. He explains also the stress that Françoise Dolto put upon children developing autonomy and get emotionally detached from their parents with the liquidation of the Oedipus Complex, at the age of 5 to 7 years. Today, 27 years after her death, Dolto’s engagement for the emotional freedom of children is more important than ever in our claustrophobic modern society in which many children are raised into codependent partners for their emotionally immature and media-addicted parents.

The volume comes with quotes from two of Dolto’s most well-known books, translated by the author, who grew up in a region bordering France that is bilingual German-French.

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The Vibrant Nature of Life

The Vibrant Nature of Life: A Science-Based Pathway for a Better, Richer, and More Abundant Life, by Peter Fritz Walter


‘The Vibrant Nature of Life: A Science-Based Pathway for a Better, Richer, and More Abundant Life,’ 2nd Edition, 2017, is the final conclusion of more than twenty years of research on the vibrational nature of life and our universe. 

Instead of presenting a dry scientific treatise, the author organizes the material as a selfhelp guide for a richer, and healthier life. It consists of six main parts: ‘The Vibrant Nature of Consciousness,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of the Cosmos,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of Pleasure, Emotions, and Sexuality,’ ‘The Vibrant Nature of Life Cycles,’  ‘The Vibrant Nature of Health’ and ‘The Vibrant Nature of the Human Psyche.’

The book shows that while still at the time of Newton and Descartes, science was myopic toward wholeness and hostile to nature, the author advocates new science as a holistic understanding of the field nature of life, and a systemic view of living systems that is coherent and sustainable. It is here, at this intersection between science and a lifestyle that fosters vibrancy that the author situates the present book. It is neither a simple review of almost one hundred books nor is it a selfhelp guide without scientific backup. The intention of the author was to bring science and selfhelp together in a unique plot that makes science fruitful as a direct guidance for a richer, healthier and fuller life, and a point of departure for self-discovery.

The result is a true life guide that gives scientifically proven answers to all our fundamental questions, from birth to death, over sexuality, the handling of emotions, coping with violence, and other conditions for truly intelligent and abundant living.

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